Thursday, January 21, 2016


Ekilin Entertainment frontline artist; Benzil, has released his highly anticipated video for the song titled ‘Shake It’ from his debut EP: ‘Legend In The Making.’

Benzil is definitely infiltrating the Cameroonian entertainment industry with a fresh new sound that is unique to him and we are definitely loving it. Don’t get it twisted the song wasn’t made on the streets of Kingston Jamaica but straight outta camer *inserts clapping hands here* produced by Ekilin Entertainment producer; Magic Fingers.

Yonka; a young, budding, talented video director, did an excellent job translating the energy of the song into clean and colourful visuals. He shot the video in Limbe and transformed it from the city of friendship into a dancehall town.

When colour, happy people, Rastafari and girls come together, it becomes a great blend and makes a perfect dancehall video! Enough said, do yourself the pleasure of enjoying this masterpiece by clicking below to watch…

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Wow! Thanks very much! I deeply appreciate!