Sunday, May 3, 2015


Another week and many more selfies shared across the many social media platforms. Did you know the humble "SELFIE" has become nothing short of a social phenomenon which is continuosly gripping the young and the old alike, remember Mama Chantou's own? Check it here. Millions of Selfies are shared everyday across all the major social media platforms and according to infographics from 2014, 50% of men and 52% of women have taken a Selfie with the most being shared on Facebook.

So here on Dulce Camer, we started a new weekly series going forward of our BEST SELFIES shared by Cameroonians online...if you missed our first three week's selfies, go here and here and here.

Here are our best this week...

Mballa - Music artist

Mr Adrenaline - Music videographer & Syndy - Model/actress

Sarah - Number One Girl winner 2014

Walter - Arise Entertainment & Numerica's boss

Laura - VoxAfrica presenter

Syndy - Model/actress

Equinoxe TV presenters

Museba - Music artist

Iya - Iya Foundation boss

Stanley Enow - Rapper

Pam - The Miss P Show host

Dalida - Radio host Mediafrique FM

Marie-Christine - Candy Lingerie boss

Blanche - Music artist
Lesley - Makeup artist
Alex - West Ham United player

Would you like to be featured on our list? If yes, send us your own selfie to:

Twitter: @Brownschuga

Stay sweet

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