Saturday, September 21, 2013


It seems every week there is a new audio or video release around the 237 music scene. This is great as it indeed shows the growing hunger from the budding artists to feed the hungry public with their talent.

On today's post, below are some of the new materials that caught our attention. Enjoy!

Former "The Lay Low Show" host cum entertainer/rapper - now Belgium based Nabil aka Nabstar is making a permanent comeback to music and is releasing a 3 part EP series which will depict 3 very diverse personalities. "Confirm" a Cameroon street lingua that has been moralised into a street anthem with a street video to match was released today online. The track is part of the first EP "My Tory 1.1" and is a freestyle combo filled with personal experiences and real life situations including friends lost. The video itself is a combination of show footages of past show Nabil has performed at across Europe with some Naija acts such as Davido.

Listen and download "Confirm" the track below:

 Without further ado, watch the video below...!


Follow Nabil on Twitter: @CallmeNabstar

Yesterday was a "Zangalewa" day as talented artist Emmanuel Ndinayi aka JayJay finally released the video to his long awaited catchy audio track which was released back in April. The video was scheduled for release last week but got postponed in the last minute however we dont mind because it was worth the wait. Directed by aMusic's Adah (also an artist), the video has the right quality and the girls too to get our male readers salivating!! Watch the video below...

Follow Emmanuel on Twitter: @Endinayi

Yesterday was also the release date for another artist, Maryland based Vreezy Ville who released the catchy/poppy track "Tingalli".

Check it out below:

Follow him on Twitter: @VreezyVille237

That's the end of our post today!
Stay tuned for more updates soonest :)

Stay sweet

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