Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hein Pere has become a phenomenon in Cameroon and amongst Cameroonians because of Stanley Enow. It is so big so much so that people wear it (as seen on the tee shirt) and it has even become part of the new street lingo! If you have not heard of him before then you must be sleeping on a bicycle!! * _*

Okay okay, so we wont be hard on you as we only recently stumbled upon this rising talent a few months ago now and since then we have been closely following him. Our first impression of this talent was excellent. What struck us was his branding. He seemed to be on point with everything he put out. From the way he dressed and his star attitude (swaghili), the quality of his images and now the standard of his newly released video online which has been playing on Trace TV for a few days now.

He is definitely one of the young urban Cameroonian artists that you must keep your eyes on. We certainly hope to see him rise and rise.

Watch the video by clicking here.

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Arréy Etang said...

CamerEnt. Is the ish. I met him months ago at the University Games in Buea and he was such a nice guy. He had told me things were in their making but I never knew how fast. I am glad to be Reppin 4 Camer. BTRBebe!!!!!

Dwight Akpo said...

You're doing great, Dulce. But you've got to put up some way one can contact you privately, send you tips, news, etc. Stay cool! D'Akpo Star.

Dulce said...

Hey D'Akpo, follow me on Twitter @Brownschuga
Thank you for commenting!

jooryn said...

Woauh i just discovered this blog and i'm absolutely in love with the idea!! i never knew there were that many cameroonian fashion bloggers!!! i'm a cameroonian blogger too but hair care is my thing not fashion lol and i actually write in french! i'm following u! i'm actually writing a post with all cameroonian bloggers u can find on the web and finding this blog helps me a lot!!!

Hello from Cameroon!

Dulce said...

Thank you Jooryn for commenting. There are many Camer bloggers now!