Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The MuMaK boys are at it again and this time their lead artist, HipHop/Afropop ladies' man Magasco aka Bamenda Boi is BACK again with a stunning single entitled "Kumba Market".

The single and the video have been scheduled for release by MuMaK in a matter of weeks but before that, the label has just revealed what the single cover art will look like.

The pic below, shot in the heart of Kumba Market one of the busiest local markets in Cameroon gives us a gateway into what the song is all about. DC has had the pleasure of sampling the track and we cannot wait for it to be released to the public!

Magasco, a major celebrity in his North West region is undoubtedly a promising charismatic artist who is a leader in the Cameroon urban music scene.

The upcoming single is a follow up to his number one track "Lineloba" released last year. If you have not yet seen the video, sample it below.

We want more of him...
Stay tuned!

Follow Magasco on Twitter: @Magascobboy
Follow his label: @MumakRecords
Follow his manager: @JulesNya
Follow his press team: @ModeMaisonPR
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Stay sweet

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