Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, today on the blog DC would like to bring your attention to a very beautiful and gentle sister based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Her name is Ghyslaine Tchouaga but everyone calls her Gigi (how FAB!!) and she is 5'11 in height. She was born and raised in Yaoundé where she spent 17 years of her life before relocating to the US. Guess what too? She is a Miss Cameroon USA!

She is one of 5 children and is very close to all the members of her family. Her first love is God and to keep busy in her spare time she does ceramics, as well as cook, sing, learn about different cultures and do a spat of modelling whenever she can.

She is humble, gorgeous, intelligent, confident, God fearing and likes to treat people exactly how she would like to be treated.

This year, she is representing Cameroon at the Miss Africa USA beauty pageant and DC caught up with her for a quick chat!

DC: Thanks Ghyslaine for talking to DC. Is this your first pageant or have you done something like this before?
Gigi: No, 2011 marks my first year ever entering into a pageant show.

DC: Okay, so why did you decide to join the Miss Africa USA pageant?
Gigi: Beside from the fact that a Miss Cameroon has never won the Miss Africa USA crown, I aim this year to be Miss Africa USA not for the spotlight but to use the spotlight to both raise awareness and funds for my campaign "Fight Against Hunger" in the Horn of Africa. In addition to that, I would promote the Miss Africa USA pageant. I believe that the future of the Miss Africa USA pageant relies extensively on the message the next queen will deliver to the general public. Furthermore, I will do all I can to  preserve the pageant's core message which is that young African women can be and do whatever they want to to make a positive difference.

DC: Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you hope to do or be in future?
Gigi: I will describe myself as an achiever, ambitious, confident, focused, open-minded, positive, pro-active, results oriented, and an African leader. My past is molding my future and my experiences are used as blessings and lessons. I love to challenge myself and a few months ago I decided to challenge myself by running as a contestant for the Miss Africa USA 2011 pageant. I was blessed to be representing the Republic of Cameroon this year. Through this challenge, I am hoping to inspire all the young girls and women that as long as we keep breathing, “The sky is the limit.”

I am currently working on my Bachelor degree in Nursing and later on, I will specialise in Anesthesia. Over the year, my interests have grown. The most important of all is my commitment to God. In addition, giving back in every way, shape and form has also been a priority in my life. My love for fashion has grown also and I model whenever I have the time. I would love to use my skills later on to help my beautiful country Cameroon and Africa in general.

DC: Why did you choose to campaign for "Fight Against Hunger"?
Gigi: I chose to join the International Rescue Committee and fight the cause in East Africa because:-
  • Famine is an emergency and according to the Washington Post, it has killed tens of thousands of people, mostly children.
  • Images coming from the Horn of Africa are sad and depressing. While in the U.S we are fighting against obesity, in Somalia, there are 3.7 million people suffering from drought crisis.
  • I usually go where the need is and I am working hard to raise awareness and funds to fight against this disaster.
DC: How can the public get involved in this campaign? How can they vote for you?
Gigi: I am begging the public to help me out this year by giving monetary donation to my campaign for the urging Fight Against Hunger. Donations can be received online by clicking the link Any donation amount is always welcomed.

DC: When is the Miss Africa USA show and in what city/state?
Gigi: This year, the Miss Africa USA 2011 coronation has been scheduled for Sunday, November 13, 2011 at the Hilton Hotel, 8727Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD. If you are in the area PLEASE come and support me. Voting started on October 1st and anyone can vote daily by clicking

So dear readers, there you have it! A fabulously intelligent sister who also strives to fight for something she believes in. There is no doubt that Cameroon has some beautiful girls and for DC, Gigi could become a top model representing Cameroon the world over!

Are we kidding? Just check some of the pictures below and make up your own mind.

What do you say now?
Gigi for top model?
Please vote for her, she needs to become the first Miss Cameroon to win this Miss Africa USA crown.

Stay sweet


Miss Cameroon USA said...

Thanks You Cynthia!

Anonymous said...

she is pretty . Good luck . MS.borgia

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go girl we are behind u..i am voting pls represent us ohhh

drusil said...

ma petite gigi va de l avant t es courageus nous t aimons drusil rosalie houston