Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The presidential election is fast approaching with a date of 9 October 2011 set as the d day.

Aside the current president, Paul Biya who is able to stand for another term due to a change in constitutional law that abolished term limits in 2008, there are currently 50 more candidates scrambling for the Etoudi post!

Seems like this is the big post of the year then as there seems to be a scramble for it!

Some of the candidates are new to the election process whilst some have been there and done that before like Ni John Fru Ndi.

We wonder why the opposition does not just regroup and come up with 4 great candidates rather than 50!

Anyway peeps, what are your thoughts on this upcoming process?

*So common sense finally kicked in alas and the 51 candidates has been brought down to....(update)

To see the full list, please go here.

Stay sweet

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