Monday, October 26, 2009


Cameroonian fashion designers styled their way into history at an extraordinary event in London.

International brands Anggy Haif and Olivia Ervi teamed up with exciting newcomers, KiRette Couture, Bot-i-Lam, RoViSa Designs and Ms Mi to weave a dizzying array of colour, creativity and chic at the African nation’s first ever UK-based fashion showcase.

Organised by funky new company, Camer Couture, the eagerly-anticipated show occurred on Saturday 17 October at the uber trendy Shoreditch Studios.

First on the catwalk was KiRette Couture whose luxurious and vivid blend of embroidered and print pieces set the scene for Ms Mi’s funky blend of textiles. RoViSa’s immaculately finished cuts oozed elegance, while Bot-i-Lam’s hippy influenced style had an essence of urban cool.

Cannes favourite and Juliette Binoche couturiere, Olivia Ervi’s flowing gowns had starring roles of their own. And the Afro-eccentric Anggy Haif’s reassuringly artistic blend of calabash, raffia and Ankara* with cutting edge creations ensured a knock out finale.

A heady brew of bossa nova, blues and soul, drenched in Cameroonian roots, intervened the models’ confident strides, while Shiri Achu’s exquisite art made for perfect conversation pieces as fashionistas savoured fine Cameroonian cuisine and downed cocktails.

On top of this, £125 was raised from a raffle sale to benefit the Baka Pygmies who make up one of Cameroon’s oldest and most socially deprived societies. Three lucky winners in the audience own 3 very fabulous gifts which consisted of £400 voucher to spend at the UK based fashion houses to perfumes by Olivia Ervi, a selection of album cd's by Wax, Sona, Muntu Valdo, Martin Cradick and the Bakas as well as a painting by the uber talented Shiri Achu.

All in all, the show was a great success and there to witness it all were some people from the media such as Sharon Hemans of the BBC, Sammy from OH TV, VoxAfrica TV, IceT of le Guide and the Cameroon Gazette, Viola Levy of Arise Magazine, Regina Malanda and Olafemi Bella from New African Woman and Janelle Oswald from the Voice newspaper.

This is what Terence Ndikum, a guest at the show had to say: “The showcase opened my eyes to a whole new array of Cameroonian talent. It was fun and mind-bending.”

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We would also like to thank the designers and models, our stylist, George Tyrone Eko, our sponsors: K Connection, Palm Bliss Restaurant, Maestro Bar & Restaurant, Bush Faller Magazine, Shiri Achu Art and everyone who made the event happen.
Photo credits: Koji and Angel Sylvester
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