Saturday, March 8, 2014


Across the world today March 8th, women (and men) of the world are celebrating the "woman."

As we also celebrate here on Dulce Camer we would like to take this opportunity to quote you this from Hon. Julia Gillard, the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. We hope it will inspire you all.

“International Women’s Day is our opportunity to reflect as women on how far we have come and what more we need to do to make sure women everywhere have the opportunity to write their own story.  Changing the world, like living your own life well, requires a sense of purpose, the courage to pursue it and the preparedness to risk the most public of failures. Nothing big was ever achieved by cowering.”

Here below are also 10 simple inspiring lessons put together by some women at the top of their game.

Read the full article here: 

Happy Women’s Day! Bonne fĂȘte a toutes les femmes!!

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